Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

beadboard kitchen cabinets doors

Beadboard kitchen cabinets are easily identified by how it looks: vertical slats of wood pieced together on their long side resulting in a bead-like connection. This was originally used for wainscoting on traditional houses, but has also made its way into cabinetry & other aspects of the interiors.

You can usually find beadboard cabinetry on French style homes, country-style homes, as well as beach-inspired interiors. Country and Cottage-style homes are regaining popularity recently, so beadboard kitchen cabinets are also making a comeback. The subtle addition of pattern and texture can instantly transform the look of any space, giving it an old-world rustic vibe.

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If you have existing beadboard kitchen cabinets and drawers, you can always freshen them up by re-sanding the wood and refinishing it with either stain/varnish or even paint. Modern beadboard-textured panels can now be bought in hardware stores. Some of them ship raw or primed beforehand, but some also ship already finished in a particular color.

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